Meeting babies’ expectations

We know that babies are tender, they want to feel nurtured, safe, loved, and they also have special and unique needs. That's why we kept babies expectations as the highest of our priorities throughout every step of the creation of our products.

To understand better what babies want, we did in-depth researches; we focused on understanding their skin's special needs, we immersed in their perception of life at the moment, and we predicted their needs for the future.

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Your baby's skin is special

Your baby's skin is special

The skin has different layers, and while babies' skin has all the fundamental layers of adult skin, the thickness of the exterior and protective layer is up to 30% thinner than mature skin, which gives it three main special characteristics:

1) The lighter skin is prone to penetration of toxic substances even with the slightest exposure.
2) With a less protective capacity, surface damage and irritation occur often, And
3) With the damage of this barrier, penetration of allergens is, therefore, easier, which could play a role in the development of skin allergy.

To complement this characteristic, a product used on baby's skin should be gentle, protective and made only with safe ingredients, to support skin functions and reduce toxic exposure, which will increase the overall health of the baby.

Respecting babies' senses
A baby's world

We invite you...

Parents are making decisions for their children every day, and even if you usually choose what’s best for them, we invite you to go deeper when making a choice, on why and how it benefits your baby.

We assure you that taking a little more time to think about this will end up changing your expectations too.


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